Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far away

Having recently started on the Flames of War starter set “Open Fire” with something like 100+ models to paint and base, this was going to take some time to complete and having got started on the rules, it would not be something that the kids could get involved in.

Flames of War Starter Set Build – TROOPS

With the tanks completed, it was time to move onto the troops.  Very little assembly work is required with these little guys.  Only pieces that required assembling were the Pak40 guns and the Airborne machine gun crews.  For the most part it was all about getting them cleaned up, pegged on some golf tees and ready for paint.

Flames of War Starter Set Build – TANKS

What better way to start the assembly of the starter set than with the TANKS!  Maybe because they felt like an easier option to start with, after seeing the 100 odd little soldiers!  Not sure, there were quite a few tanks in any case, which made the process feel like a bit of a mini-tank production line.

Elite Dangerous

Many years ago, a university colleague brought to my attention this little game that in its entirety fit on one 640kb floppy disk. The game, Elite II was my first foray into space sim genre of gaming. Despite the graphics capabilities of the day it was every bit enjoyable.  This however was the 2nd installment of the series, the first – Elite – was published in 1984. 31 years later, Elite is BACK AGAIN, only this time, it is DANGEROUS!

Flames of War Starter Set

With the decision finally made to go with Flames of War (by Battlefront Miniatures), the next thing to work out was where to start.  There are sooo many armies to chose from, not just the various nations (Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, UK, USA, USSR), but some nations also have models for Early, Middle and Late war periods.  A trip to the local games store (Mind Games Melbourne), brought to my attention the Flames of War Starter Set called “Open Fire”.

Mini War Gaming

I don’t remember exactly how I came across this world of Mini War Gaming.  It might’ve been by stumbling into the local Games Workshop store, followed by a couple of searches on google for Warhammer 40k, couple visits to YouTube on the subject and BOOM! before you know it, Google is suggesting all these other sites and other flavors of miniwargames and I’m completely taken in.