X-Plane KBWW – Bowman Regional

There I was, trying to plan for a flight in FSEconomy to KBPP, and my goto tool these days for this is SkyVector.  To my surprise, KBPP wasn’t available.  On further investigation, KBPP has been closed permanently for past couple of years.   I did notice another airport on the chart that was also near Bowman, but a little further to the East.  A little more digging and a look on google earth revealed that this new airport was opened in 2015 – KBWW, with a minor change in runway direction and 5701ft (1738m) of beautiful new concrete surface.  In X-Plane, there’s still the old KBPP…what a good opportunity for my first attempt at an airport for X-Plane’s Scenery Gateway

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