Flames of War - Open Fire

Flames of War Starter Set

With the decision finally made to go with Flames of War (by Battlefront Miniatures), the next thing to work out was where to start.  There are sooo many armies to chose from, not just the various nations (Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, UK, USA, USSR), but some nations also have models for Early, Middle and Late war periods.  A trip to the local games store (Mind Games Melbourne), brought to my attention the Flames of War Starter Set called “Open Fire”.

Flames of War starter set
Flames of War starter set

It was very hard to pass by, it looked very good value for money and meant I could get up and running with a little game and start learning the rules with whoever, no need for them to bring an army along.

Open Fire British Army List Sheet
Flames of War British Army List Sheet

In the box I found:

  • 52 Page Full Colour Quick Start Guide
  • 296 Page Full Colour Complete Rulebook
  • More Than 118 Finely Detailed Miniatures !!!
  • V1 Flying Bomb Terrain Feature
  • Cardboard Terrain
  • Tokens
  • Objective Markers
  • Army Lists
  • 20 Dice
  • Magnets

The only thing missing is the measuring tape/stick.

The quick start guide looks great and introduces you to the rules through small steps using very clear text and and images.

A quick visit to the official Flames of War web site and I soon discovered the Flames of War Open Fire Hub.  The Hub is contains assembly tips, painting tips and there you will find a link to BOOT CAMP, which contains excellent getting started videos…Perfect!

Another good resource I found during my exploring of mini war gaming in general, is a series of videos by the guys at Beasts of War called Flames of War For the Win (FOW FTW).  In particular, this video is a good introduction and unboxing of the starter set.

Only thing that is a bit overwhelming at the moment is the 118 models!!!    Time to get some glue and paints.  🙂




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