Pandemic and mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact around the world, not only for the individuals, families and friends of those directly impacted, but also on the wider community, businesses and markets.

It is quite reasonable to feel afraid, anxious and indeed desperate if you find yourself without a job and a wage. Thankfully governments are doing something to assist people. The necessity of self isolation can impact some of us more than others, thankfully social media can provide us with some interaction or perhaps even some old fashioned telephony.

If you find yourself struggling to cope and don’t have anyone you can turn to during this or any difficult time for that matter, there’s a good chance there’s an organisation in your part of the world with resources to assist you. In Australia we have Beyond Blue, an independent non-profit organisation working to address a wide range of mental health issues. Here’s a great article on looking after your mental health during the outbreak.

If you’re into Sim Racing, specifically iRacing, I will be running a special livery in the Advanced Mazda Cup in support of Beyond Blue and the good work they do but most importantly make those of us who might be feeling isolated and anxious, aware that you’re not alone and help is a single click or phone call away. You will need Trading Paints (it’s free!) installed to see the livery in iRacing and obviously be running in the same event.

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