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There I was, trying to plan for a flight in FSEconomy to KBPP, and my goto tool these days for this is SkyVector.  To my surprise, KBPP wasn’t available.  On further investigation, KBPP has been closed permanently for past couple of years.   I did notice another airport on the chart that was also near Bowman, but a little further to the East.  A little more digging and a look on google earth revealed that this new airport was opened in 2015 – KBWW, with a minor change in runway direction and 5701ft (1738m) of beautiful new concrete surface.  In X-Plane, there’s still the old KBPP…what a good opportunity for my first attempt at an airport for X-Plane’s Scenery Gateway

Runway and Taxiways down

After studying the instructions and World Editor manual on the Scenery Gateway, and spending a few hours watching Jan Vogel’s WED tutorials, I felt like I was ready to start.  Once the overlay image was in place, and I had some information on runway lat/long coordinates, I was able to place down the runway and taxiways with good accuracy.  The default autogen roads were a little bit of a distraction, but I was aware that there is an Exclusion tool one can use to remove roads and other autogen content that may come into conflict with your airport scenery.

On investigating this road situation in the real world, this road is a barely recognisable dirt road in reality, but X-Plane renders it as a significant bitumen type road.  Which is probably understandable, as I’m not sure how much information about a road they have when they get the map information, or to what level/type of road, still slightly disappointing.  But not to worry, our exclusion zone will take care of this later on anyway.

Hangars, static aircraft, access road and fence added

Next was the access road, hangars, fuel station, fencing and some static aircraft.  And that road successfully excluded!







Here’s what things look like in the World Editor.


The World Editor has a limited although reasonable 3d object library.  You will find everything an airport needs, although it might not look exactly like the real world equivalent of a particular building at the airport, it will be close enough, and keeping in mind this will be part of the default scenery library when we’re done, something is better  than nothing and is enough to give the flight simmer the feeling that they’re at a functional airport.

To make objects look closer to their real life equivalent, in dimension at placement at least, you’ll need to resort to using the facade tool.  Here I’ve used a simple hangar object and created facades adjacent to it to try imitate what looks to be an a hangar with an office in real life.  I might have to play around with the height options on the facade, because those windows look a little bit high.


My first scenery complete!

Now available on X-Plane Scenery Gatway.


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